Plaster Casting

art plaster casting           I went to Seal Beach with the class to do the plaster casting and it was very interesting.  My cast did not come out as well as I thought it would.  I tried to make my cast like on of the paintings in the Sistine chapel when the two men are pointing their fingers at each other.  My finger came out okay and on the other side my other fingers also came out okay.  It was noticeable that my hand was in a loose fist. My boyfriend did the other hand and his came out kind of looking like drift wood. I did not pour enough plaster into his hole and a bubble formed prevent the plaster to fill the space where his finger was.  His hole should have not been as deep since most of his cast was his arm.

Overall, making the cast on the beach was a really fun experience.  I love the idea of being able to do art outside and not just in some room somewhere. Doing work outside is very relaxing and enjoyable.  It makes it feel like something we want to do and not something we have to get done.



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