Wk 2-Classmate Conversation, Amanda Martinez

Is art actually important? In today’s world?

Today I had the pleasure of discussing with Joy Uba if art is actually important in today’s world.  As an accounting major I understand why Joy did not really see the importance of art since she is a person who seems to deal with numbers best. I agreed with her at first to an extent, but after thinking about it I realized that art is everywhere and it is helpful in many ways. I mentioned to her how there are illustrations in textbooks to help people understand concepts and how it could be a way to communicate to the public what is happening in today’s world or it could even be a beautiful aesthetically pleasing distraction.  I feel like after I mentioned some of those things she may have kind of agreed.  I know that she is interested in art, since she mentioned that she does not have to take this class she just needed extra units for her last semester.  If she did not like art she could have easily chose another course to fill the gap. Joy and I also discussed how art is a healthy outlet for people to express themselves and I agreed. Color and drawing could be the same as writing down thoughts in a dairy for some people. I know that I like to color adult coloring books as a way to relax.  Personally I believe art is important and without it in today’s world I feel like everyday things in life would be boring. Art surrounds us from our clothes to the little nick knacks we have. It would feel very strange to be in a world without art I feel like that would be like living a world without creativity which does not sound fun. wk 2 convo


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