Wk 3- Artist Conversation- Juliet Johnson

Artist: Juliet Johnson

Exhibition: i thought i saw a windmill

Media: video, music

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A personal

About the Artist:

Juliet is an undergraduate student in the School of Art sculpture program aspiring to get her BFA.  She would then like to attend graduate school after completing her undergrad.  She has always been interested in art since she was a little girl.  Her Mother was an artist as well, she did glassblowing and ceramics. Currently her mother uses gardening as her creative outlet.  Juliet was a painter for a long time, however, she felt that painting was limiting. It is confined being referential and illustration while with sculpture the piece is in the world with you which could make it interactive.  A lot of her work is writing and video work, but there is no set media.  For example in this exhibition the piece included music playing in the background.

Formal Analysis:

The piece on display was “ i though i saw a windmill”  which was a video of a plant what appeared to be a bush that was breathing.  There was another image that overlaid a part of the first video, but I could not figure out what it was. To me it looked like it could be the inside of a bathroom in someone’s house.  There was then a rock across the room that had not here painted on it.  There was also music in the background that Juliet said she made herself with various sounds and her voice. The way the two videos were overlaid made me really focus on that part and that is when I noticed the branches moving in and out the way someone’s chest moves while taking deep breathes.

Content Analysis:

The piece is about whether are not we are really at a place we want to be the music in the background could be time passing us by. The two different textures of the videos work together well.  Then there is the rock. Unsure of where to go yet still in one spot unless moved by some outside force like a person or a strong gust of wind if the installation happened to be outside.

Synthesis/ My Experience:

The installation was very relaxing the music and the rustling of the leaves in the video made me stop and stare for a while taking it all in. It made me think and slow down for a second which is something I do not get the chance to do often I am always running around going to meetings for work, studying, or doing research.  This piece reminded me that having time for yourself and being happy with where you are in life is important.  I do not want to be like the rock, unchanging waiting for someone to nudge me in the right direction.  I want to figure out the right direction on my own.

i thought i saw a windmill.jpg
i thought i saw a windmill
“not here”, i thought i saw a windmill
Juliet Johnson.jpg
Juliet in her natural habitat

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