Wk 3- Classmate Conversation-Lukas Fuentes

wk3 convo.jpg

This week I had my classmate conversation with Lukas Fuentes.  He is a 5th year Biochemistry major who is in the Beckman Scholar’s program.  He grew up in Garden Grove and would like to get his PhD once he graduates.  This summer he had an internship at the Rockefeller University in Manhattan, New York, which is amazing.  It is one of the top Universities and he had the opportunity to work with Professors from all over the nation in his field.  After college he would like to continue research related to protein design.  The question posed this week, “What type of art has had the biggest influence on where you are at today?”  Lukas paused for a moment, thinking deeply about what meant the most to him. His response was swift yet decisive, music. I found his answer intriguing; music seems like such a common answer to what influences most people today. Yet when he said it, I could sense it meant something more. I then asked Lukas the question, “What does music mean to you?” He finds music helps him relax; he enjoys thinking about the artist’s deeper meaning behind their lyrics. 




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