Wk 4 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing, Amanda Martinez

The idea of automatic drawing reminded me of an Ouija board.  I have never played that game because it freaks me out so this was a nice alternative.  My boyfriend, Adam, helped me with mine and even though we are very close I could not help, but giggle a bit.  I turned off the ceiling light and just left my salt lamp on since it gave a dim light so we could still walk around without tripping on stuff after.  I was not sure what to expect I thought we may end up having lots of empty spaces that I could color in; however instead a majority of the drawing was on the center of the page.  We used the three pastels that came in the Art bucket so instead of color in we blended stuff together with our fingers.  As we were drawing it was very relaxing we took turns guiding the pastels.  I really liked how we did not have to say a word to each other while drawing it just happened so naturally.   After all of the blending and adding a few lines it looked like a tornado with a man standing at the base of its path.  To me the tornado was a metaphor for his life unraveling before his eyes. He is a powerless man and eventually the mess in his life will consume him.  I could also see the drawing in a positive way if I were the figure at the bottom of the tornado.  Lately I have been stressed with my new job and school, however, somehow I am keeping it together and I am still standing as the tornado as it heads off into the distance.  Overall, this was a cool experience and I would recommend people to give it a try.


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