Wk 5- Artist Conversation – Ralph Acosta

Artist: Ralph Acosta

Exhibition: RELAXrelax

Media:  Digital Color prints, Video, film, photography

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: N/A he is working on it

Facebook: RalphAcosta

About the Artist: Ralph Acosta just completed his Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. This show was his thesis project for his masters.  He grew up on Los Angeles in the 70s which inspired him to make his thesis about the beauty of Los Angeles.  He then narrowed it down to LAX since the art that is all around the airport that has been there for decades is not overlooked.  He got his B.A. in Studio Art from Cal State Long Beach and after that he moved to San Diego to work at a branding firm.   He already had some experience in graphic design from his job and that is how he knew that he wanted to get his masters in graphic design.

Formal Analysis:  Everything in the room was very clean cut it was simple yet elegant.  The simplicity made it easy to read and comprehend what the signs meant.  This was exactly what Acosta wanted, to have signs in the airport that are easy to follow.  He even made a prototype app that will allow people to see when flights are landing or taking off.  He said that there still needs to be a lot of work done with the app with I think a software designer to make sure everything works correctly.  I think the app is a great idea especially for friends and family who want to make sure that their love ones are safe.

Content Analysis:  Acosta feels like the romanticism of airports has been lost with all of the increased security.  He mentioned that people used to be able to go beyond TSA without a ticket and could see their friends and relatives all the way to the gate whereas today all people to do is drop someone off.  He even said people would go with their families just to walk around the airport to enjoy its beauty.  The exhibit pointed out a few places where there is art already that people hardly notice anymore and I knew exactly what he was talking about since I have seen the places he photographed and never notice the architecture before.

Synthesis/ My Experience: Personally I really liked the signs he created and wish they could actually be put into the airport.  Recently when I was at LAX I felt like the signs were old and boring and I think it would be a great idea to change the signs.  When he mentioned all of the art that is in the airport that people cannot see unless you have an international it reminded me of my Dad telling me how there is a really cool display of T.V. screens or mirrors I cannot remember exactly, but it sounded really cool. The only reason he saw it is because he is a sheet metal worker and he had a job inside of the airport.  Overall, I really hope that the app makes it to the app store one day that would really cool.relax-2relax-3


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