Wk 6 – Art Experience- Flip Book


I got the idea for my flip book from a group presentation I had to do last semester in my environmental economics class.  Our presentation was on bottled water and one person in the group found a YouTube video on the life cycle of all plastics bottles.  It was really cool and showed how 1/3 of bottles go into landfills which leads to contaminated ground water and any nearby natural source of water, the next 1/3 ends up in the world’s oceans, and last third actually gets recycled.   My flip book shows how a plastic bottle that ends up in the ocean slowly breaks down into tiny pieces of plastic called micro plastics and then they are eaten my fish or other sea creatures because they think its food.  Sadly they end up dying because it has no nutrients, it can’t be digested, and it makes them feel full.  In the real world another creature would eat the fish and something else will eat that creature until people end up eating it.  Micro plastics can even be smaller than a grain of sand.  I have seen it under a microscope while going through sediment cores for my research lab.  I hope somehow I could encourage more people to recycle to prevent this cycle from continuing.


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