Wk 7 Artist Conversation – Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Name: Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibit: Manos De Oromanos-de-oro

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Media: Found objects manipulated

Website: dulcesoledadibarra.com

About the Artist: Dulce is a senior in the BFA Sculpture program.  She has always been interested in art so she began working in art museums at about the age of 20.  At first she was mainly painting and drawing until she realized she saw things in more of a three dimensional way.  She feels like her experience in working in art museums is what led to that.  Dulce had a lot of practice of moving things around so they complemented each other and fit the room nicely.  After she graduates she would like to work full time and eventually go to graduate school to study studio art.

Formal Analysis:  The exhibit was filled with different pieces that were all tools that are a part of being a gardener.  She covered the metal parts of the pieces with gold making them more noticeable.  The gold really portrayed the importance of these items.  The continuous film projected on the screen of a gardener clipping roses with the music in the background was somehow peaceful.  Even though in reality it could be 100⁰ and that gardener still has to be out there I order to make a living.  Dulce spent two months trying to get the exhibit together.  She talked to different laborers asking them for any broken thing yard work tools and for their yard waste.  She even ended up helping them out with her work a lot of the time.  I think this furthered her understanding of what it is to be a gardener.  She ended up with too much stuff and had to leave things out of the exhibit.  She did lots of sketches beforehand since she only had 3 days to set up the exhibit in the gallery.

Content Analysis:  The exhibit is about Dulce’s Father and building pride.  Her Father is an immigrant gardener who works very hard for every cent he earns.  The title Manos De Oro means Hands of gold.  That is why most of the pieces in the exhibit had gold on them.  Dulce put all of the tools in gold because they are valuable to her Father.  She feels guilty for being in school pursuing her passion since it is art and in her eyes it is a privileged degree.  She is aware that she may not make much money in order to help out and that is why I think she feels guilty.  I think she wants people to see and appreciate all of the hard work gardeners do being out there tending to people’s front yards on days when it is so hot outside most people will not even step outside.

Synthesis/My Experience:  I feel like this exhibit is very powerful.  This was the first exhibit I walked into and I knew that this was the one I wanted to write about.  Being a first generation American and having a Mother who was an immigrant and a Father who was the first of his family to be born here I understand the hard work that needs to be done.  Nothing is ever handed to you and you have to work hard to earn every cent.  My Mother has worked very hard to move up to the job she has now and she is even taking classes to eventually get her bachelors degree.  My Father is currently working two jobs in order to get by, but also his body cannot handle being a sheet metal worker long enough to reach retirement so he worked very hard to get his real estate license.  Being laid off because of the lack of jobs available led him to taking whatever handyman jobs he could get and he even started selling old car parts and other items to try to make enough to pay the bills. I know that our stories are not exactly the same, but I understand the struggle.  I have also felt the guilt of being in school and not really being able to make enough money to pay for everything because I emotionally could not handle it.  One day I would like to pay back my parents for all of the help they have given me and all of the extra work they have put in, in order for my sisters and I to have more opportunities.


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