Wk 8 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

This week for class we met in the Japanese Gardens on Campus to sketch.  It was really nice to be in the gardens on such a beautiful day.  It made me forget about the exam I had the next day that I was stressing about.  It is a shame that the garden is so far from everything on campus.  It would be nice if we could easily walk over during breaks to enjoy lunch or something, but it takes at least 20 minutes to get over there and that is sadly valuable time I can use to study.   It was really hard for me not to erase anything so I may have erased twice which is incredible for me when it comes to drawing.  I liked the 30 second sketches it was hard to find things to draw towards the end I even ended up just drew the rock.  For some of the 30 second sketches I really wanted to spend more time on them, but I needed to keep going so I could finish all of the tasks.  I really enjoyed drawing the birds which was not surprising since I used to always draw animals.  I wish they would have stayed still longer so I could get more detail.  For my five minute drawing I chose to draw some leaves.  Some ducks kept on swimming by so I tried to draw them in, but they were too fast so I was only able to get an outline of their bodies.  I did not like my contour drawing or representation drawings of the gardens because they did not come out how I would I have liked, but I think it may just take practice.  The abstract drawings were pretty fun I even drew one on my note card of a duck.  I sadly also dropped my first note card in the water.  I tried to retrieve it; however, it did not come close enough to the edge to grab.  It was a little funny since I had already put my name and id number on the card.  I feel bad about not telling someone from the gardens who is in charge so they can try to get it once it came close enough to the shore.


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