Wk 9 Art Experience – Art Care Package


I gave my art care package to my boyfriend. It included two coloring books, color pencils, one paint by number kit, a tray to mix the paints, and some of the paint by number paintings I have already completed.  One of the coloring books is an adult coloring book and I am not fully giving it to him because I still use it to help me relax and calm down. I let him know that he could also color in that book too whenever he would like because I think he would enjoy it.  It was a little hard to give up some of my art stuff and one of my coloring books completely.  When I was a little kid I would not let anyone color in my coloring books I wouldn’t even color in them.  I would make my sisters and cousins make a copy of the page they wanted to color. I was afraid of the page being ruined.  So letting him color in my adult coloring book is a big deal.  The directions mentioned to explain what ephemera was to you and I did not even know what that word meant so I looked it up. Ephemera means things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short period of time. To me even if it is just a short period of time that he may be enjoying these items I think the memory will last.  The reason I chose to give him the coloring things is because it is something that I helps calm me down when I am stressed or have a lot of anxiety.  I am hoping that when he uses them it will also help him relax and calm down.


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