Wk 10 Art Experience – Fiber Art Social Network

Social network from class, this is the portion where most of my yarn attached  
Family Tree

I decided to make a family tree as my social network just because family is very important to me and I have a large family.  I did my best on including everyone, but it is quite difficult to include everyone on my Mom’s side since I may have only met them once and they live in Nicaragua. Her side of the family is also just a big, however, there are so many people I can’t remember all of their names and how I am related to them. Anyways the Green lines are supposed to be the first generation of people related, the second generation is connected by yellow, the third generation is connected by orange, the pink represents significant others.

I think of social network as both the friends you have in real life and the people you are “friends” with on online applications since they do overlap a bit.  However, most of the time I think about the online version because I am pretty sure that is what people are referring to now a days when they say social network.  Dunbar’s Number does not make sense to me because having 150 meaningful relationships seems like a lot of people especially when I already have a large family there is not much room left for more friends.  Of course there is also the fact that you may be closer to some people than to others even if they are not a part of your family.  When people have 1,000 or more Facebook friends that could mean a number of things they could be a very likable person who Facebook request everyone he meets, they could be involved with various different groups of friends or community groups, or that person may be famous.  When visualized our Art 110 Social Network nothing really surprised me since people know each other from other classes or activities, they planned to take this class together, or they met in class when doing the classmate conversations. I feel like I have close relationships with about maybe 15 people which personally it is a lot, but most of the people that I am close with are a part of my family.  I do not feel the need to have close relationships with a large number of people because they would not be the great. I would have rather have fewer more meaningful relationships.  I do have more friends on Facebook than I have in real life just because I have met a lot of people through school, jobs, and clubs. Most of those relationships are more like acquaintances not because I would not enjoy being really good friends with those people, but because we have different things going on and there is not enough time in the day to be good friends with everyone.  I do think it is beneficial to have acquaintances because of the opportunities you may find out about through them and I also learn a lot of new things from acquaintances on Facebook.



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