Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation -Nih Troung

This week I had my classmate conversation with Nih Truong she is a 2nd year in the pre-nursing program. She currently lives and Westminster and commutes to school about 20 minutes each day.  She does not really have a backup plan if she does not make it into the nursing program, but that is fine she still has time to figure out what she wants to do if it does not work out.   We were talking about Demi Lovato’s reaction to the drawing done of her as a mermaid with an unrealistic body.  I actually have never seen the photo until after my conversation with Nih, but from how the question was posed we agreed that she may have over reacted a bit and she could have stated how she felt in a more polite way.  I understand that she has always tried to convey having a healthy body image to young girls because that is her main audience, but she should also try to show how important it is to deal conflicts in an appropriate way.  After I saw the drawings I see that she would be upset since she has had issues with anorexia, however, I still think she should have toned down her response.

Nih and I at at the galleries 

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