Wk 15 – Artist Conversation-Patricia Martin

Artist: Patricia Martin

Exhibit: Holiday Sale

Media: Thread and natural dye

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: patriciamartinartist.com


About the artist:

Patricia Martin is currently a Master of Fine Arts student working with fiber with two years of school left.  She did her undergraduate degree in color reproduction.  She has always wanted to do this before she went to college. She already has her own business and is a private teacher.  She offers beginning weaving classes through her website.  She uses natural color in her work, but prefers whatever is the most efficient.

Formal Analysis:

I really liked how she used a tie dye style with earthy colors. It made sense after talking to her since most of the dyes she was using were natural dyes.  I went up to talk to Patricia because I heard her talking about how she uses natural dyes and I was interested in the process.  I really liked how all the stuff in the room went together even though they were all from different artist.

Content Analysis:

Patricia seemed very excited to be there presenting her work or she is a very jolly person.  I think it is great that she came back to school to get her master’s after she already has her own business selling her art. It shows how dedicated she is to her work and that she is always looking to improve. When she was talking about making her own dyes it made me think of the book gathering blue. It is supposed to be the sequel to the giver.  The girl in the novel job in her community to mend the embroidery on a cloak for the town’s annual ceremony and she has to dye all of the thread by hand.  The author briefly mentioned the process during the novel so it was really cool to hear how she dyed some of her material.


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