Wk 2: Landscapes with a corpse -Amanda Martinez 1pm


For my picture I chose to do it in a pool with plastic trash bags, plastic bottles, and with snorkeling gear.  Ideally I would have been in the big pool and not in the jacuzzi.  I also would have been completely surrounded by trash, but I could only find so many water bottles in my house.  It would have been even better if I could have done it in the ocean, but I would not want to purposefully put plastic trash in the ocean. The reason I chose to wear snorkeling gear surrounded by plastic is because I love exploring the marine environment and I want to protect it from humans.  Humans have largely effected the ocean environment not just through greenhouse gases but with all of the trash that ends up in the world’s oceans.  There are six garbage patches in the oceans that are essentially islands of trash. I chose the plastic bottles specifically because one third of the plastic bottles made never get recycled they either end up in landfills or end up in the oceans.  Since plastic is not biodegradable the plastic that ends up in the ocean breaks down into smaller pieces called micro plastics which then is consumed by fish, marine mammals, or birds.  The animals also cannot digest the plastic so it stays in their stomachs making them feel full while giving them zero nutrients therefore many animals starve to death.  The micro plastics also move up in the food chain through bioaccumulation ending up in many of the fish consumed by humans. I think it is really important for people to understand how big of an impact something small such as not recycling a bottle could have on the planet.