Wk 9 Art Experience – Art Care Package


I gave my art care package to my boyfriend. It included two coloring books, color pencils, one paint by number kit, a tray to mix the paints, and some of the paint by number paintings I have already completed.  One of the coloring books is an adult coloring book and I am not fully giving it to him because I still use it to help me relax and calm down. I let him know that he could also color in that book too whenever he would like because I think he would enjoy it.  It was a little hard to give up some of my art stuff and one of my coloring books completely.  When I was a little kid I would not let anyone color in my coloring books I wouldn’t even color in them.  I would make my sisters and cousins make a copy of the page they wanted to color. I was afraid of the page being ruined.  So letting him color in my adult coloring book is a big deal.  The directions mentioned to explain what ephemera was to you and I did not even know what that word meant so I looked it up. Ephemera means things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short period of time. To me even if it is just a short period of time that he may be enjoying these items I think the memory will last.  The reason I chose to give him the coloring things is because it is something that I helps calm me down when I am stressed or have a lot of anxiety.  I am hoping that when he uses them it will also help him relax and calm down.


Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Dalia Banuelos and Daniel Bonilla-Vera

Artist: Dalia Banuelos and Daniel Bonilla-Vera

Exhibition: Infraction

Media: Photography, Yarn, pins, Clothes

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website:  dbvphotography.com (Daniel)

Instagram: deliaeffect (Delia), dvbphotography (Daniel)

About the Artist: The artists from today’s show are both seniors with a studio art major and have known each other for 2 years.  Dalia is also does martial arts and other arts.  Daniel also does other kinds of arts such as carving. They both transferred from community colleges to CSULB.  Both Dalia and Daniel applied to the BFA program at school twice and were rejected.  Since you are only allowed to apply twice they found a healthy outlet to express their anger through this show.

Formal Analysis: I really liked the use of the yarn to outline the photographs on the wall and then when it made it to the back of the room it went back and forth crossing every which way.  There where clothes on the ground stuffed with something so that they would be people.  Their body language made them appear sad and frustrated.  There was a black curtain on the front door blocking light from entering the gallery.  The lighting along with all of the dark colors made it noticeable that the artist was sad.

Content Analysis: They are both frustrated about not getting in to the BFA program twice at the school so they decided to do something about it by putting together a show. Since you are only allowed to apply twice to the program I could tell that they were both disappointed.  Dalia clearly expressed her frustration by explain that she is from the San Fernando Valley and moved to Long Beach to go to school.  She went on further saying how much of a hassle it would be to try to apply to other schools in order to get a BFA.  Daniel actually had two pieces of work in the group show that was happening in the other gallery which he laughed about a bit.  In their gallery all of Daniel’s work was from his application that had been rejected and Dalia’s pieces were all pieces that her professors did not like and expressed that clearly.

Synthesis/ My experience: I could feel the frustration while being in the gallery and after speaking the artist it was extremely obvious.   I felt really bad for both of them because being rejected after giving something your all sucks.  I understand what that feels like I recently got rejected from a conference which was really disappointing.  I wanted to present the research I had done this summer at my internship I was supper excited about getting the opportunity to have an internship at the Smithsonian and having the chance to put their logo on my poster.  So getting that rejection letter was disappointing.  I possibly could present at a different conference, but I already have other projects I would like to present to get feedback.  I hope that they are able to keep moving forward and continue their work in art or something else if they find that it is no longer the right fit.infractioninfraction-2infraction-3

Daniel’s piece from other gallery

Wk 8 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

This week for class we met in the Japanese Gardens on Campus to sketch.  It was really nice to be in the gardens on such a beautiful day.  It made me forget about the exam I had the next day that I was stressing about.  It is a shame that the garden is so far from everything on campus.  It would be nice if we could easily walk over during breaks to enjoy lunch or something, but it takes at least 20 minutes to get over there and that is sadly valuable time I can use to study.   It was really hard for me not to erase anything so I may have erased twice which is incredible for me when it comes to drawing.  I liked the 30 second sketches it was hard to find things to draw towards the end I even ended up just drew the rock.  For some of the 30 second sketches I really wanted to spend more time on them, but I needed to keep going so I could finish all of the tasks.  I really enjoyed drawing the birds which was not surprising since I used to always draw animals.  I wish they would have stayed still longer so I could get more detail.  For my five minute drawing I chose to draw some leaves.  Some ducks kept on swimming by so I tried to draw them in, but they were too fast so I was only able to get an outline of their bodies.  I did not like my contour drawing or representation drawings of the gardens because they did not come out how I would I have liked, but I think it may just take practice.  The abstract drawings were pretty fun I even drew one on my note card of a duck.  I sadly also dropped my first note card in the water.  I tried to retrieve it; however, it did not come close enough to the edge to grab.  It was a little funny since I had already put my name and id number on the card.  I feel bad about not telling someone from the gardens who is in charge so they can try to get it once it came close enough to the shore.

Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation -Brian Sath

This week I had my classmate conversation with Brian Sath he is a third year Biology major and aspires to be a doctor.  He is on the ASI Board of Trustee; he is also a part of the American Medical Student Association on campus, as well as a volunteer at St. Mary’s Hospital.  Like me he was born and raised in Southern California, hanging out with friends, cooking and trying new recipes. He also enjoys basketball, trying new restaurants, Hawaii Five-0, and working on cars.  We discussed two of the questions that we listed on the class website.  The first on we talked about was the apps we have on our phone. Instead of boring you with a list I’ll just mention a few.  I thought it was pretty surprising that we both had flappy bird since you can no longer download it from the app store.  I came to the realization that I have a ton of apps on my first page since I have them organized in folders. It might seem a bit excessive, but I rarely have to leave my first page. The other question we discussed was; would you support your child if they want to pursue a career in art? We both agreed that we would support them if it is their passion and it makes them happy.  Brain also made the point that he is going to be a doctor so if his child needs help he will have the means to support him/her as long as they are happy.brain-sath-convo

Wk 7 Artist Conversation – Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Name: Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibit: Manos De Oromanos-de-oro

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Media: Found objects manipulated

Website: dulcesoledadibarra.com

About the Artist: Dulce is a senior in the BFA Sculpture program.  She has always been interested in art so she began working in art museums at about the age of 20.  At first she was mainly painting and drawing until she realized she saw things in more of a three dimensional way.  She feels like her experience in working in art museums is what led to that.  Dulce had a lot of practice of moving things around so they complemented each other and fit the room nicely.  After she graduates she would like to work full time and eventually go to graduate school to study studio art.

Formal Analysis:  The exhibit was filled with different pieces that were all tools that are a part of being a gardener.  She covered the metal parts of the pieces with gold making them more noticeable.  The gold really portrayed the importance of these items.  The continuous film projected on the screen of a gardener clipping roses with the music in the background was somehow peaceful.  Even though in reality it could be 100⁰ and that gardener still has to be out there I order to make a living.  Dulce spent two months trying to get the exhibit together.  She talked to different laborers asking them for any broken thing yard work tools and for their yard waste.  She even ended up helping them out with her work a lot of the time.  I think this furthered her understanding of what it is to be a gardener.  She ended up with too much stuff and had to leave things out of the exhibit.  She did lots of sketches beforehand since she only had 3 days to set up the exhibit in the gallery.

Content Analysis:  The exhibit is about Dulce’s Father and building pride.  Her Father is an immigrant gardener who works very hard for every cent he earns.  The title Manos De Oro means Hands of gold.  That is why most of the pieces in the exhibit had gold on them.  Dulce put all of the tools in gold because they are valuable to her Father.  She feels guilty for being in school pursuing her passion since it is art and in her eyes it is a privileged degree.  She is aware that she may not make much money in order to help out and that is why I think she feels guilty.  I think she wants people to see and appreciate all of the hard work gardeners do being out there tending to people’s front yards on days when it is so hot outside most people will not even step outside.

Synthesis/My Experience:  I feel like this exhibit is very powerful.  This was the first exhibit I walked into and I knew that this was the one I wanted to write about.  Being a first generation American and having a Mother who was an immigrant and a Father who was the first of his family to be born here I understand the hard work that needs to be done.  Nothing is ever handed to you and you have to work hard to earn every cent.  My Mother has worked very hard to move up to the job she has now and she is even taking classes to eventually get her bachelors degree.  My Father is currently working two jobs in order to get by, but also his body cannot handle being a sheet metal worker long enough to reach retirement so he worked very hard to get his real estate license.  Being laid off because of the lack of jobs available led him to taking whatever handyman jobs he could get and he even started selling old car parts and other items to try to make enough to pay the bills. I know that our stories are not exactly the same, but I understand the struggle.  I have also felt the guilt of being in school and not really being able to make enough money to pay for everything because I emotionally could not handle it.  One day I would like to pay back my parents for all of the help they have given me and all of the extra work they have put in, in order for my sisters and I to have more opportunities.

Wk 6 – Art Experience- Flip Book


I got the idea for my flip book from a group presentation I had to do last semester in my environmental economics class.  Our presentation was on bottled water and one person in the group found a YouTube video on the life cycle of all plastics bottles.  It was really cool and showed how 1/3 of bottles go into landfills which leads to contaminated ground water and any nearby natural source of water, the next 1/3 ends up in the world’s oceans, and last third actually gets recycled.   My flip book shows how a plastic bottle that ends up in the ocean slowly breaks down into tiny pieces of plastic called micro plastics and then they are eaten my fish or other sea creatures because they think its food.  Sadly they end up dying because it has no nutrients, it can’t be digested, and it makes them feel full.  In the real world another creature would eat the fish and something else will eat that creature until people end up eating it.  Micro plastics can even be smaller than a grain of sand.  I have seen it under a microscope while going through sediment cores for my research lab.  I hope somehow I could encourage more people to recycle to prevent this cycle from continuing.

Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Blaine Scot Prow

Artist: Blaine Scot Prow

Exhibition: Extrusionsextrusions

Media: Bristol board, charcoal paper

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: @tiffuts

About the Artist:  Blaine is a Senior Undergraduate in the Studio Art with an emphasis in graphic design program.  After college he would like to work as an in house graphic designer for a company rather than working for a company that strictly does graphic design.  He really likes geometry and incorporates that into his work.  In high school he used to do lots of origami which shows in his work.

Formal Analysis:  The simplicity of each piece being black and white really complimented the geometric shapes he made with the paper. Every fold of the paper seemed like it was on purpose and everything seemed so clean.  He even mentioned that he did some math to make sure all the angles turned out the way he wanted them to which was a good idea that probably made the assembling of each piece happen more quickly.

Content Analysis:  The main thing Blaine was trying to do with this show was to bridge the gap between the two dimensional world and the three dimensional world to show how they are related.  His goal was to get people to see things differently showing them how the 3D came from the 2D and how they are interconnected.

Synthesis/My Experience:  When I first walked in to the gallery I was not sure exactly what I was looking at.  His pieces were interesting and my favorite one was Factory which was also his favorite one.  It was not until after I talked with him did I see what he was trying to convey.  He had sketches in a notebook that showed how a few of the pieces went together and he had an example of how he cut the paper.  I think having that example was a great idea because before seeing him move the flat cut out part of the paper to make a 3D object I did not understand what the black parts of his pieces were.


Wk 5 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

Growing up on the streets was always tough, living in the shadows of other well-known artist. Today I decided to make a name for myself and my girl tofu.  We wanted to start small in an alley trying to figure out how to blend in so we don’t get caught.  We want people to know who we are, however; we don’t want to get stuck behind bars.  That’s why Tofu was on the lookout for anyone suspicious walking by as my viscous guard dog while I was tagging up the wall.  She paced back and forth as I was marking our territory for everyone to see.  No one thought we would make it here, but we will show them we have every right.

As a small brawl broke out at the opening of the alley between two other well-known graffiti artist Daniel and Marcelo, afraid that they would find out it was us who was on their turf marking up their spot.  Tofu and I snapped a few pics and snuck on by unscathed.  We are hoping to get out name in a few more alleys this next week so hopefully it goes smoothly.  Tofu is almost ready to put her name out there for the world to see but her fur makes her too noticeable so we are working on some sort of dark attire for her to wear when it is not as hot outside.  There will be updates about Tofu’s costume soon!

Wk 5- Artist Conversation – Ralph Acosta

Artist: Ralph Acosta

Exhibition: RELAXrelax

Media:  Digital Color prints, Video, film, photography

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: N/A he is working on it

Facebook: RalphAcosta

About the Artist: Ralph Acosta just completed his Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. This show was his thesis project for his masters.  He grew up on Los Angeles in the 70s which inspired him to make his thesis about the beauty of Los Angeles.  He then narrowed it down to LAX since the art that is all around the airport that has been there for decades is not overlooked.  He got his B.A. in Studio Art from Cal State Long Beach and after that he moved to San Diego to work at a branding firm.   He already had some experience in graphic design from his job and that is how he knew that he wanted to get his masters in graphic design.

Formal Analysis:  Everything in the room was very clean cut it was simple yet elegant.  The simplicity made it easy to read and comprehend what the signs meant.  This was exactly what Acosta wanted, to have signs in the airport that are easy to follow.  He even made a prototype app that will allow people to see when flights are landing or taking off.  He said that there still needs to be a lot of work done with the app with I think a software designer to make sure everything works correctly.  I think the app is a great idea especially for friends and family who want to make sure that their love ones are safe.

Content Analysis:  Acosta feels like the romanticism of airports has been lost with all of the increased security.  He mentioned that people used to be able to go beyond TSA without a ticket and could see their friends and relatives all the way to the gate whereas today all people to do is drop someone off.  He even said people would go with their families just to walk around the airport to enjoy its beauty.  The exhibit pointed out a few places where there is art already that people hardly notice anymore and I knew exactly what he was talking about since I have seen the places he photographed and never notice the architecture before.

Synthesis/ My Experience: Personally I really liked the signs he created and wish they could actually be put into the airport.  Recently when I was at LAX I felt like the signs were old and boring and I think it would be a great idea to change the signs.  When he mentioned all of the art that is in the airport that people cannot see unless you have an international it reminded me of my Dad telling me how there is a really cool display of T.V. screens or mirrors I cannot remember exactly, but it sounded really cool. The only reason he saw it is because he is a sheet metal worker and he had a job inside of the airport.  Overall, I really hope that the app makes it to the app store one day that would really cool.relax-2relax-3

Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Carly Lake

Artist: Carly Lake

Exhibition: Closer

Media: Wood, clay, and yarn

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: carlylake.com

Instagram: Sea.lake

About the Artist: Carly is a senior and will be graduating at the end of the fall semester with her BFA in illustration and a minor in American Indian Studies.  She would like to get into an editorial program in the future and she is currently working on illustrations for a book with her friend Cindy.  Her minor has made her open minded and conscious of trying to represent more minorities.  She likes to show the beauty of all body types and not just people like her.  Carly has always been a very passionate and open minded person and her college experience has enhanced those qualities making her grow both as an artist and a person.

Formal Analysis:  This exhibition was actually a collaboration between Carly and May Ta.  However, I only had the chance to speak with Carly so I will be focusing on her work.  In their statement it said, “Ultimately, our collaboration is investigating the existence of a balance between intimacy with others and intimacy with ourselves.”  The Closer appeared to be someone’s room and home that we were all walking in on.  There was a twin bed with a blanket made up of what appeared to be pages from a diary and next to the bed there were frames with paintings in them that made you feel like you were looking into someone else’s home.  In the center of the room an easel was set up with a chair and a desk as if someone had recently been working.  There were then various pieces of paintings, drawings, and sculptures on the wall.

Content Analysis:  From speaking with Carly and looking around the exhibit you could really see that she would like other people to be more aware of their surroundings and see how everything is connected. My favorite piece of hers was the Colonial yucca Mojave it was very different from the work she has done in the past. She mentioned that this was her first time working with clay and it came out splendidly.  I choose this piece because I remember learning about this plant in particular and I really liked all of the different colors she chose.  The idea of a colonial being and the color scheme made me think of people of different races, ethnicities, and backgrounds and how beautiful it would be if we could all live together in unison.  People have come a long way; however, we still have a long way to go as a whole.

Synthesis/My Experience:  I have known Carly since high school we were in the same art class together so when I walked into the room I knew exactly which pieces she worked on.  It was great to see how much she has grown as an artist. This work is slightly different from what she used to do in high school, but she still has the same style. I do not know what one word would describe it, but I will try to explain.  She is very good at making things look realistic; however there is always some unrealistic quality that makes you think about why she choose to put things together a certain way.  I really did feel like I was stepping into someone else’s home and I was not sure if I should be there.  It really made me think about what it means to have your own private space.  For most of my life I have had to share a room and currently I have my own room which has given me a new appreciation of privacy.  I think everyone needs a space where they can be alone and unwind every so often whether it is their room or somewhere in public where you will not be bothered like the beach.

Image of Carly from her Flickr account
Carly Lake, Colonial Yucca Mojave
Carly Lake, Untitled
May Ta, The Windows
Carly Lake and May Ta, Nightstand
Carly Lake and May Ta, Nightstand